Registration Details

All registration will be online at There will be several entry fee price increases. 

We are excite to offer special pricing for Pro Men and Pro Women teams of 5 to 8 riders   Pro Men and Pro Women teams are limited to a Maximum of 8 Riders.

If you have a team for the other categories that exceeds 5 riders please contact Ace at to request a discount code for your team.

Entry Fee Schedule

Enty Fee Prices Schedule 
Date Range Nov 15th Thru Jan 1 2024 
Pro Men & Women Teams (5-8 Riders)$1,800.00
Pro Men & Women Individual$350.00
All other Categories Individual $250.00
Date Range Jan 2 Thru April 1 
Pro Men & Women Teams (5-8 Riders)$2,100.00
Pro Men & Women Individual$400.00
All other Categories Individual $300.00
Date Range April 2 Thru Closing 
Pro Men & Women Teams (5-8 Riders)$2,400.00
Pro Men & Women Individual$450.00
All other Categories Individual $350.00

Please Note:

Request a category change use the follow link

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