Stage 3: Downtown Criterium

 CategoryEst First Start TimeDuration
 Pro/1/2 MenTBDTBD
 Cat1/2/3 WomenTBDTBD
 Master 35+ Cat1/2/3 & Master 50+ Cat1/2/3 MenTBDTBD
 Cat 3 MenTBDTBD
 Cat4/Novice MenTBDTBD
 Cat 4/Novice WomenTBDTBD
 Master 40+ Cat 4/5 & Master 50+ Cat3/4/5 & 60+ &70+ Open MenTBDTBD

All mixed Categories will race together but will be scored separate  as long as there is a minimum of 10 riders per category. If less than 10 riders are pre registered the category will be moved down to the next category. Example: 4 70+ are pre registeres they would be moved into the 60 race and scored with the 60+ and the 70+ category would be deleted.

Stage Details

Course Description: The Rooikard Pools Downtown Criterium is a 1KM 4-corner rectangular course. It takes place in the heart of historic Wenatchee over a six-block loop. A large beer garden near the Finish Line attracts hundreds of spectators. Elite categories can expect large cash crowd primes.

Free Laps: Up to two laps may be awarded riders suffering mishaps in the Criterium. A dropped chain is not a “mishap” per USA Cycling regulations. Riding backwards on the course is prohibited. Free lap eligibility ends when 8 laps to go are displayed on the lap board.

Lapped riders may be removed from the race by the Chief Referee near the Finish line. After half the race time has been completed, such removed riders will receive a pro-rated time and may start the next stage. Riders injured in a crash and unable to continue may be given a pro-rated time and allowed to start the next stage. Riders otherwise dropping out will be listed as “DNF” and will not be allowed to start the next stage.

Start: Wenatchee Ave between Palouse and First Streets

Pit: Wenatchee Ave, south of the Start/Finish line. Neutral wheel service. Teams required to provide at least one set of wheels for the pit.

Stage Start Directions

Downtown Wenatchee at the intersection of Palouse and  Mission Street